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The ROAMies



Los Angeles duo
Alexa James & Rory Partin
Biggest hit: Still the one
Latest single: Oh, My, My
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Los Angeles based duo, The ROAMies, is a delightful musical marriage of recording artists Alexa James and Rory Partin. 

Their unique sound combines Alexa’s upbeat lyrics, honest songwriting, and fun melodies with Rory’s soulful voice and commercial heartfelt songwriting to create a fun and fresh musical experience. 

Alexa James

Shortly after arriving to Los Angeles, Alexa was named the 2010 Los Angeles Music Awards Hot Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year. 

While talking about her passion for making and performing music, Alexa says, “ I love writing songs about the struggles and frustrations that I face, as well as the celebrations in my life. My hope is that people will connect with something that I share, and to be able to feel that they are not alone in their lives and experiences.” 

Alexa has recorded several professional studio albums as a solo artist, written a number 1 song and 5 other top 10 singles and has had a number of songs placed in films.

Rory Partin

Rory Partin was born and raised in “Cajun country” southwest Louisiana, which deeply influenced his style. From his earliest days, he was exposed to a wide variety of musical styles from Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong, and Bing Crosby to The Doobie Brothers, Three Dog Night, Stevie Wonder, Mahalia Jackson and other great artists of the time along with the local jazz and Cajun bands. 

To him the core of all that great music is Soul, “When I sing and play, I gotta feel it. I want others to feel it too. At the core, I am an emotional, heart-felt artist, singing from a place deep inside me that screams to be heard. I try to allow this come through in all I do as an artist.”

They started touring together and they loved it so much that The ROAMies was born. The name, "The ROAMies", derived from their passion for travel and adventure.