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César Khash


César Khash

'Veni Vidi Vici' 
Belgian Singer-songwriter
Antwerp Based 
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César Khash is a belgian based singer-songwriter. He is currently living in Antwerp.

It all started when he was ten. His idol was Eminem whose lyrics he learned by heart.   
When he was 12 he decided to start writing his own rap-songs. 

In 2017 he made is debut as a singer-songwriter on the national Belgian radiostation MNM. César performed his song No.

'I was told 'No' very often in my life, many people have turned me down.'
  - César Khash

He gets his inspirations from his personal experiences but sometimes lyrics just pop up when he hears a beat. 
Nowadays,  Justin Bieber, Drake and Tory Lanez are his favorite artists